Old style Jujitsu figures

Understand the basics of physical dynamics that govern the matter around you. The beginner level workshops listed below will help you master your physical environment. No previous training is required in order to participate. For the initiated, these workshops will refine your technique, making you more effective.

Impervious to Falls
Ukemi is the ancient Japanese art of falling. It prevents injuries due to accidental falls. Techniques include forward roll, side fall, back fall, back roll, front dead fall, lightning roll, and thunder roll. Take a spill and get back on your feet faster than you fall down.

Manumit (Escaping from undesirable clutches)
You can get away without any violence. Brute force is not necessary to escape from a wrist, arm, or clothing grab. Our human anatomy can transform into the six basic tools (the lever, wheel & axial, pulley, inclined plane, wedge and screw).

Wrist grab

Double wrist grab and release

Sitting horse
Five animals/positions work together to protect you from straight-on attacks: bear wakes up, snake creeps out, prancing horse, horse poses, and hibernating bear. Get out of harm’s way and counter-attack without ever taking a step.

Push-Pull Game
Test your agility, balance, and coordination. Learn and apply Newton’s 3 laws of motion. You push, I pull, see who loses balance first?

Stance & Footwork
Learn the perfect on-guard position and how to maintain balance while in motion. Your first line of defense is the proper management of distance. Footwork gets you in and out of the danger zone. Stay balance, calm and centered while engaged in intense evasive action.

Hone Your Tools (Punch & Kick)
Develop accuracy through hitting stationary and mobile targets. Sharpen your speed, timing and explosive power.

Conflict as Opportunity (Special Adaptability skill)
Change conflict into opportunity. Adapt quickly and intelligently to avoid dangerous situations. “Tai Saboki” is the ancient Japanese art of body shifting. Discover the fifteen body positions to avoid physical conflicts.

How does your body respond when grabbed, punched, or kicked? The Body Mechanics, our intermediate level workshops, will help you overcome violent forces and put you in the advantage.

Joint Locks
Sometimes punching and kicking your adversary is not appropriate. Trap and immobilize your attacker safely by locking his joints. Discover the skeletal/muscular systems of the human anatomy while you learn to immobilize your opponent.*

Throw Downs
The gentle art of compelling one’s adversary to use his power to his own demise. Learn the 30 different ways to off balance and throw an adversary to the ground.*

Street Combat Techniques
Defend from mugs, back body grabs, hair pulls, lapel grabs, knife attacks, guns, clubs, and chokes.* **

Ground fighting
Most fights end up on the ground. Learn how to handle the fight there and maneuver your way back up. You don’t want to stay there.*

An often overlooked part of Jujitsu training, mental cultivation is an advance level of Laughing River Jujitsu.

Standing Meditation

Warrior’s Meditation (Standing and Sitting)
The true warrior learns to master the challenges of life. He/she attains inner freedom and power-not through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage, and self-knowledge. Through meditation, the warrior’s path is opened. Self-mastery and greater fulfillment is gained. Through the synchronizing of mind and body, our habitual behaviors are overcome. One learns how to relax within discipline, face the world with openness and fearlessness, and find the sacred dimension of everyday life. The warrior discovers the basic goodness of human life and radiates that goodness out into the world, creating peace and sanity wherever he/she is.

In the Box (The Wizard’s Duel)
Two or more people step in a 3 feet by 4 feet box drawn on the floor. The object is to eliminate others from the box. How you control the area of the box depends on the skills of your imagination.*

*Requires the beginner level workshop Impervious to Falls.
**Requires the intermediate level workshop Throw Downs.