Chi Kung

Chi kung is the practice of energy cultivation. Physical and mental health are improved by learning how to manipulate chi through controlled breathing, movement, and acts of will.


Yang style Tai Chi form

Based in martial arts movements, Tai Chi provides training in proper body mechanics and natural alignment. It fosters a relaxed body and a peaceful state of mind, which are essential ingredients for cultivating healthy energy. For many centuries, Tai Chi was practiced privately, passed on from father to son in the Chen Village in northern China. Beginning in the mid-1800’s Master Yang Lu Shan, founder of the Yang Style form, was the first to teach Tai Chi publicly. It soon became popular in martial arts circles as an advanced self-defense method. In the early 20th century Lu Shan’s grandson, Master Yang Cheng Fu, promoted Tai Chi as a health exercise. Since then, it has enjoyed widespread popularity in China and across the world.

Tai Chi in Linden Park_Corona, Queens NY

Hwa Yu Tai Chi

Hwa Yu Tai Chi also known as Lui He Ba Fa is an advanced form of Chinese martial art which predates Yang Style Tai Chi and dates back to 960-1280 A.D. Until 1950, it was only taught in Taoist temples. Its slow and graceful movements have been dubbed “Water Boxing”.

Hwa Yu Tai Chi form at Linden Park_Corona, Queens NY

Tai Chi Sword form

The Tai Chi sword is a straight, flexible sword and is a principal weapon of Chinese martial arts. It is a “gentlemanly” sword and is said to be favored by scholars—Confucius was often portrayed with one hanging at his side. Tai Chi sword requires a strategy of calmness. To achieve this calmness, the student must develop patience, peace of mind and bravery.

Dino performing Tai Chi sword


Targets & Strikes (intercepting violence)

In striking, understanding the nature of cause & effect when hitting vital targets gives you the knowledge to take control over a fight.

Internal shadow boxing

This advanced improvisational method of martial arts training is essentially formless, containing no fixed sets of movements or techniques. Learn how to jam in martial arts like a Jazz musician.