RGT (Reverse Gravity Training)
RGT will train you to fight lightning fast using circular motion. Founded by Dino Blanche at the turn of the new millennium. This new martial arts sport is played while riding on top of a 26 inch fitness ball. You’ll twirl through the air, feel weightless, fight like you’re in a Kung Fu movie but with no strings attached, and it’s a lot of fun.

The newest martial art of the millennium created by Jujitsu and Tai Chi master Dino Blanche. RGT (Reverse Gravity Training) is a fun and exciting new martial art and sport that utilizes fitness balls of various sizes as catalyst to weaponize the body, mind, and spirit. RGT gets you in great shape and develops grace, balance, coordination, fast reflex-response, agility, flexibility, aerobic capabilities and trunk strength (particularly abs and lower back). In this video Master Dino Blanche demonstrates his unique art form for the American Federation of Martial Artist in the year 2009.

Dino Blanche and student sparr on the ball. The object is to stay on the ball for as long as you can while the other person tries to take the ball away from you. Reverse Gravity Training (RGT martial arts system) necessitates continuous, reflexive, neuromuscular control which accelerates the development of grace, balance, coordination, flexibility, abs and lower back strength and instinctive self-protection skills. RGT cultivates flowing circular motions, harmony with gravity and the ability to fight without being in conflict with your opponent. Best of all it’s really fun and when training is fun you’ll naturally want to practice longer.

Dino Blanche and young student demonstrate evasion from variety of attacks while maneuvering on the ball.